Jefferson Proving Ground
Air-Ground Range Complex
The Indiana Air Range Complex is embedded with, and overlays, Atterbury-Muscatatuck and Jefferson Proving Ground. The complex includes two air-to-ground impact areas and associated special use airspace for both kinetic and virtual use. The special use airspace and air-to-ground ranges are coupled with two Indiana Air National Guard Wings, co-located on civilian airports, with runways able to accept 747/C-5-size aircraft employing their fighter, intel and ASOS mission sets with all associated support functions.

  • Strafe targets
  • Rocket targets
  • Laser capabilities
  • Day and night operations for manned and unmanned activity
  • Restricted airspace for unmanned flight training

For extended LVC-G training and testing capabilities, Atterbury-Muscatatuck partners with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the Air Force Institute of TechnologyAir Force Research Laboratory and the Naval Surface Warfare Center – Crane Division (NAVSEA Crane).

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