You are Welcome Here!

Imagine visiting a friendly place where you, your friends, and your family feel welcome.  Now transplant that place to the U.S. Midwest, and you’re getting close to experiencing “Hoosier Hospitality”.  (We’re called “Hoosiers” in Indiana, in case you didn’t know.  What’s a Hoosier?  Well, that’s another story…)

Now take the best hospitality you’ve experienced anywhere (Hoosier or not), and place it where people from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe are welcome, and you’ll find yourself in southeastern Indiana.

Our area is proud to be home to persons from all over the world. Students in area schools speak 51 languages. Our communities are home to international companies from China, Japan, Germany, France, Switzerland and Canada. As a result, our area is home to a diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities.

Your Housing Dollar Goes Farther Here

Housing in our area is well below the U.S. average, and local home prices offer great value.

The median home price in the region sits around $130,000 versus the U.S. median price of $180,600. That’s about 30% less cost, or put another way, 30% more home for the same money.

If you are relocating to our area from an “average” or more expensive market, you will find that your housing dollars will stretch much, much further here.

Regional Amenities

When you are ready to take a break, enjoy heading north to Indianapolis to catch some of the best professional sporting events in the world. The Indianapolis Colts (NFL) and Indiana Pacers (NBA) call Indy home, and the world over has heard of “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” – the Indianapolis 500, held each Memorial Day weekend at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Add in new arrivals on the sports scene, the Indy Eleven professional soccer team (part of the United States Soccer League) and the Indy Fuel minor league hockey team (part of the ECHL) and you have all your major professional sports only an hour away.

Travel to Louisville and Cincinnati to enjoy everything from collegiate athletic events to concerts and riverfront festivals. Are you a baseball fan? You’re in luck, as the Cincinnati Reds Major League Baseball team is just down the road, or enjoy cheering on the next great baseball starts with the Indianapolis Indians or Louisville RiverBats.

Hungry? Our area is close to the emerging food scenes in Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati. Restaurants in all three cities are often popping up on “best of” lists, so you can always be close to the next big thing on the foodie scene.

Experience Four Seasons

Situated along the 39th parallel north latitude, our region enjoys four seasons.

Summer weather begins in May and lasts into September, with average summer highs of 86° F (30° C) during the warmest months of June – August.

Winter weather typically begins in late December and concludes in late February/early March, with average high temps ranging from 37° F – 42° F (2.7 – 5.5° C) during the coldest months of December – February.

Overall, the area’s annual average high temperature is 63.6° F, the average low temperature is 42.6° F, and the average annual precipitation is 42.0 inches.

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